A Writing A Day Makes A Writer’s Block Away

Writer L. Frank Baum, writing with pen.

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A writing a day makes a writer’s block away.

I am in a stage of my life when I need to master my craft and do the best I can, because I have the right purpose. When we do things for a wrong purpose, we know that it will simply go to waste. But doing something you know will be for the better of a lot of people is sufficient reason to strive harder, to work harder.

Sometimes though, we also get tired and exhausted. But as I said, I should stick to my commitment of at least writing an entry a day for a mental exercise so that my mind will always be prepared to write. Non-writers should never think that writing is an easy task because it is not. It is exhausting and requires a lot of efforts and concentration.

Most of the time when an individual is assigned to write about something important and delicate, he can never sleep well until he finds the right word and thought. I hope and pray that someday I may become one of those who can write well for the benefit of all the people I care about.


About Fidel Allevo

Everyday is a challenge. Let's do the best that we can to do what is right, good, and lawful. Through this way, we can surely enjoy whatever life has in store for us.
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