I could not write. I have always been into writing. But, now, I am writing about how I couldn’t write about what I am asked to write about. And this is insane. It’s killing me. This is some sort of a punishment for me for being a lazy writer. If there is no assignment, I stop writing. If there are so many things to do, I stop reading. When in fact, I know very well, that no matter how much I am busy with anyting, I have to read. That even if I have no assignment, I have to write. We often hear that our brain is like a double edged sword. Rarely using it would make it rusty. We always have to sharpen it––ready to fight at all times.

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Just A Thought

Considering the Catholic politics of today, there is no better choice to be a pope but a Filipino. News of getting a black pope is spreading but with reservations that he bad-mouthed Islam. A group is trying to publicize a Canadian or American pope having considered their neutrality in the most pressing issues of today. However, if you look closely at it, a Western pope is the most inclined candidate to make decisions that would not promote unity among the Catholic believers. Furthermore, if there are countries with weakening, albeit steeply declining Catholic faith, it is non other than the US and Canada.

Without a hue of any bias, a Filipino pope would certainly be the best for the job. One, a Filipino pope would most likely to be perceived neutral. Second, there is no other country, not even Rome itself, would be as fanatic as the Filipinos when it comes to being Catholic. Moreover, Philippines has the largest Catholic population.

If Cardinals will just think it over, being self-less and all, they would choose a Filipino pope.

Just a thought.

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These past few months have been too much for me. I lost focus. Maybe because of too much work. Sometimes, being too loaded with tasks makes you lose your sight of what’s more important. You tend to hurry the things which are on your plate without thinking which should be done first and how should these things affect your life. There really is a need to reflect at the end of the day and ask yourself if you really are on the right track. Ambiguous? Puzzling? Incomprehensible? They are meant to be.

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As I was contemplating before going to bed, I was faced with the truth. As the New Year begins, my very first challenge is to start it right. Twenty twelve has begun. I must be focused, more committed, and never procrastinating.

Temptations slow me down and so reflection, meditation and prayers are necessary to remain on the straight path. And to avoid going nearer the temptations, I should always ask an important question to myself before doing anything: does this have anything to do with my duties? If not, no matter how this action may seem to be harmless, I should not do it. I must persevere. I must win over my strongest enemy—the weak part of myself.

All praises be to God, because He helps me and motivates me to do an important action today, which is to write this journal entry, signifying my committment for the betterment.

As I closed my eyes and take my sleep,
I am saying a simple prayer, Dear God,
Please, help me be strong and unrelenting when I wake up tomorrow.
I am faced with greater challenges,
and You know I am scared.
I do not even know how I am going to do it.
And so I leave all my trust in You.
I dedicate my all to You.

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Making A Difference

President George W. Bush, left center, joins f...

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After leading an important gathering, I visited a friend and mentor. She is currently the Dean of a state’s Graduate School. Through the course of our conversations, she mentioned about how the school’s president tries his best to implement all the changes he thinks are the best as early and as fast as possible. And he is trying his best to do it within his three-year term as the university’s president.

Later that day, I was reading a Time Magazine Special Ediition where a small portion was dedicated to the discussion of Collin Powell, former US Secretary of State. It was mentioned there how he tried to impose positive changes for the best of the institution, which he once led.

I felt the surge in me. There is one thing that kept resonating in my head. These leaders made a change, and are continuously tring to make new ones in a good way and in whatever they do. They know that their term will pass. They will not forever be in that place or position or duty. But there is a principle they never depart from: they will make a difference—good ones, better ones. They will effect changes to improve the lives of the people they lead and the people who directly benefit from their leadership and program.

As a leader, I have to keep asking the same question to myself: How will I make a difference? Life is fleeting. At the moment, I am entrusted to fulfill important obligations. People rely on me for leadership, for values, for changes. I cannot be stupid or weak. I must be strong for them.

I know that I will have to leave in a matter of months if not years. I will not be here forever. But before that day arrived, I should be able to ask and suceesfully answered these questions: What changes have I done for the people I am leading? What contributions have I done for them? I know I need tangible list of those things. And I have to be committed. Two words I think dominate the idea: discipline and committment.


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How To Celebrate An Important Date In Your Life

There was a time when I have read a similar essay on how one can celebrate an important date in one’s life. Maybe, this entry is based from that essay. And so, this post cannot be solely attributed to me.

1. Write An Essay or A Poem. Writing is a lasting legacy. It captures what you feel on that day. It stores memories and allows you to reminisce. Thus, one of the best things you can give yourself on that special day is a written work.

2. Do something that is good. Perhaps, share your faith to others. Encourage them to believe and do what is right. There is no better way to celebrate an important day in your life but by touching the lives of other people and teaching them how they can have a better future.

3. Buy something memorable for yourself. It does not have to be very expensive, but something worth serving as a reminder of the important datVisit an imporant place and write about it.

4. Write an evaluation of yourself and a plan on how you will spend the succeeding years ahead.

5. Make a meaningful project.

Important dates need not to be celebrated with food or drinks or parties, because you may not afford it. There are more meaningful ways on how you can celebrate the important dates without spending too much. If you can add more, please send them to me as comments and I will include them. Thanks.

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Learning Another Language–English for example

1. Building confidence
2. Building fluency
3. Building precision
4. Building automaticity

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